Services to Employers

EnVision Education Foundation is a not-for-profit organization offering Assessment, Training, Career Development and Employment services to new immigrants and individuals in transition. EnVision partners with employers to provide them with the opportunity to hire pre-trained future employees. Employers can benefit in many ways from this service, including:

  • Financial incentives
  • Retention support
  • Cost reduction
  • Risk management
  • Advanced client screening
  • Background checks

What is in it for you?

In order to successfully meet EnVision Education Foundation’s goal of facilitating employment for program graduates, we design our programs to ensure real business value for our employer partners.

By targeting to reduce employers’ cost of hiring, cost of new employee induction, and turnover impact, EnVision Education Foundation works to ensure that the outcome of its programs exceed the expectations of both our employers and graduates.

We achieve this through:

  • Targeted programs that serve employers’ hiring requirements.
  • Extensive in class hands-on training.
  • An opportunity to observe and identify preferred candidates.
  • Customer Service Excellence trained and screened new-hire candidates
  • Training ready-to-hire candidates based on Customer Service Excellence standards.
  • Skills training directly related to Retail Financial Services Product Sales.
  • Increasing the probability of successful hiring & retention, as well as enabling savings in post-hire training
  • Employee diversity program contribution through attraction of candidates from diverse ethnic groups.
  • Providing opportunities for employers to achieve social responsibility and community contribution.
  • Program scheduling that can be targeted to employers’ hiring cycle.
  • Contact us to find out how other employers have achieved these benefits and received subsidies while participating in similar programs.